TULSA, Oklahoma - A man was arrested after police found his red Volkswagen Bug hung up on some railroad tracks. Police say Cabrone Deron Brewer, 32, had been drinking and had an outstanding warrant for transporting an open container.

A police officer found the Bug stuck on the tracks near 2500 South Union at about 11 p.m. Friday. The car had Texas plates, and the man behind the wheel had a New York driver's license, the arrest report states.

Police say Brewer admitted he was driving the car, and officers learned he had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest.

"Brewer had the strong odor of alcoholic beverage about his breath and body, red watery eyes, slightly slurred speech and was unsteady on his feet," the arrest report states.

After field sobriety tests, Brewer was arrested for actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence and the outstanding warrant. A wrecker was called in to pull the Volkswagen off the tracks.