At Bartlesville's Kiddie Park, crews are getting ready for another season -- the 60th.

They're making sure the rides are ready for thousands of little ones to visit.

“You're just not going to find anything like this anywhere else," David Lae said.

Kiddie Park is a little amusement park near Bartlesville's downtown for toddlers through 12-year-olds.

Small rides -- big fun.

"It's just a very special little park," Lae said.

That special little park has been around since 1947.

And not a lot has changed with Kiddie Park over the years. That's part of why so many people, 50-thousand visitors each year, love it so much.

Even parents.

"That makes me feel really proud that our community has supported and stood behind this park all these years,” Adams said.

"Kind of takes you back in time and it gives the kids a chance to be a child," Ron Adams said.

Now people who came here is children are bringing their children or grandchildren... riding on the same rides.

“These little cars have been here forever, I remember riding these little cars when I was a child,” Lae said.

Lae remembers the fun he had and treasures the smiles he now sees.

"It's fantastic,” Lae said.

Fantastic not just for the kids, but also for their parents.

"As excited as the kids are, that's what's kind of fun about it too,” Adams said.

It's all about fun –- family-friendly fun. They are creating very valuable memories at only 50 cents a ride.

The park is open Fridays and Saturdays from 7 p.m.-10 p.m. After Memorial Day, it will be open Tuesday through Thursday nights from 7- 9:30 p.m.