TULSA, Oklahoma - Five teenagers are in custody after police say they robbed a woman at gunpoint in a McDonald's drive-thru.

It happened early Thursday morning in west Tulsa, at Highway 412 and Gilcrease Museum Road.

Police say the victim did the right thing. She didn't fight with the suspects and she was able to get a good look at their getaway car.

The arrests were made shortly after 1 a.m.

"The victim did come over here and has identified these as the bad guys," said Cpl. Dan Miller.

Police say the 30-year-old woman had just ordered food at the drive-thru on North Gilcrease Museum Road. She began to drive forward to the window when a car suddenly pulled in front of her, blocking her way.

Two suspects jumped out of the car; one pointing a handgun, the other with a BB gun.

"They got an iPad, a cell phone, her wallet, purse, and things like that," said Ofcr. Leland Ashley.

Police say the woman was shocked, but she stayed composed.

"She did what was probably the smart thing to do at that time, but what she also did that was very smart was to get a real good description for us, vehicle description," Ashley said.

Police found the car and all of the stolen items less than a half-mile from the McDonald's.

They arrested 17-year old David Mitchell, 19-year old Chandrea Brannon, 17-year old Jawun Roach, 16-year-old Kyle Bonaparte, and 15-year-old Lucious Adams.

Investigators say the victim identified Roach and Adams as two of the suspects who robbed her.

All have been booked on a count each of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

"They all had discussed the robbery. The plan was already set in motion, so they all acted together to commit this robbery," Ashley said.

Investigators say the suspects admitted their original plan was to rob the McDonald's, but changed their minds and went after the victim in the drive-thru.