TULSA, Oklahoma - It takes a lot of courage to follow a dream of military service, especially if you're a wife and mother of three.

There is now a line of clothing celebrating strong women, and some of the proceeds go to military support groups here on the homefront.

Jenny Adamus, a self-professed Army brat, grew up loving the military.

She said she got married, started a family, and at age 32, with three kids, she joined the Oklahoma Air National Guard.

"I didn't want to miss it. I didn't want to have those regrets of never being in uniform," Adamus said.

Well, a Facebook friend suggested she tell her story to Debbie Vinyard, who is promoting a line of Strong Chick t-shirts.

So, Adamus has become an in-person example of a strong chick.

Vinyard is a strong chick, herself--a cancer survivor, she started a company she called Happy First, with a line of Happy Chick t-shirts, and then, "People wanted runner chick, and yoga chick or tennis chick, so we decided let's have a contest and come up with new chick ideas."

A girl in California wanted to honor her mother, a military wife and mom - "a strong chick," she said - and so, Strong Chick it is. Now, there's a whole line of t-shirts and caps all emblazoned with the phrase.

"We are donating $5 from the sale of each tee, and $3 per cap," Vinyard said.

Purchasers get to select one of several organizations, like Blue Star Mothers, to get the money, giving back in support of strong chicks like Jenny Adamus.

"I think there are just so many reasons to wear the strong chick t-shirt. It's a great line," Adamus said.

They also have a special "Okie Strong" shirt benefiting the Red Cross and its efforts for tornado victims in Oklahoma.