TULSA, Oklahoma - Every now and then we hear a really great story of restoration and rebirth. Imagine searching for something you thought you'd lost, finding it, then restoring its original luster.

Zach Davis brought the car by the station to show it off. We came around the corner, and it was gorgeous. It's a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible, and he's restored it to its original condition.

He loves this car.

"More than anything else I love that it was my Dad's," said Zach Davis.

His Dad bought the Cutlass in 1971 - even used it in the family Christmas card that year. A few months later, Zach's father died.

The family kept the car.

"I had it 16 years my self after dad died and drove it," Zach said.

He always wondered if it was still around - still running. after a couple of decades of dreaming, he found the vehicle ID number and traced it down in Stillwater. It had been painted white but was in good shape.

"It's really been with two families most of its life," said Zach Davis.

He bought it back. He wanted to restore it to its original color. There was some body work to do, and painting. It took several months, but now it's beautiful.

Here's some history inside the driver's door: "Sold by Milton Jones at Dean Bailey Oldsmobile."

Well, Olds is gone now, but more than a century ago, they wrote songs about it.

It's a sweet ride.