TULSA, Oklahoma - A News On 6 viewer may have provided police with the break they needed in a murder case. A Northeastern State University professor was found dead in her home and her car was missing.

She was killed in Tahlequah, but her car was found Monday in south Tulsa.

Brian Cripps is the alert viewer. He was working out in the gym at Stonehaven Villas Apartments, when he saw the description of the murdered woman's car on News On 6 at 5 p.m. He remembered seeing a car that fit that description in the parking lot of his apartment complex, so he called police to give them the tip. Immediately, Tulsa police arrived and taped off the area.

NSU Police found the woman murdered in her home Friday. The OSBI is investigating the murder.

At this time, law enforcement has not released her name, but her neighbors in Tahlequah told News On 6 she was a professor at NSU.

Police confirmed the car does match the description given of the Tahlequah woman's car. Agents and detectives photographed the area around the car and began canvassing the complex for witness information.

OSBI said the car was towed to a secured building, where agents and detectives will attempt to lift suspect fingerprints Tuesday.

Cripps said one particular detail helped him realize the car was the one police were searching for.

"What really caught my eye was, they mentioned that it was from Tahlequah and it had an OSU sticker on it. And I just remembered there's been a vehicle parked in front of my apartment for the past week that hasn't moved," Cripps said.

Agents and detectives are still waiting for the autopsy report to confirm the woman's identity and to determine her official cause and manner of death.