BIXBY, Oklahoma - A Bixby woman is on edge after she says a man came to look at her home to purchase on Sunday but acted very strangely.

Tina and her husband have already moved most things out of their Bixby home to their new place, and they are anxious to sell.

So, when a man called her Sunday saying he was interested, she jumped at the chance.

"If you're close, just swing on by, we're home," Tina said she told him. "He said, ‘Great, I'll be there in 30 minutes."

She said when he arrived, he acted strangely and didn't want to know about the property. He just wanted to look around by himself and wouldn't answer their questions.

"He wouldn't answer any questions," she said. "Would say, Stillwater, Fort Worth, I'm moving back."

She said he was particularly interested in the two bathrooms, opening up all the drawers.

The experience was so odd, her husband wrote down the man's tag number and she researched his cell phone number online.

A screen shot from her phone shows the man called around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.

That number led her to this picture, who she says is the man who came to her house, calling himself Stan Tucker.

She also found a realtor in the Texas area warning others of a man going by that name who was going to open houses and stealing items.

Someone posted a comment saying the man had been working in the Stillwater area as well.

The CBS affiliate in Dallas even did a story on the man, accused of stealing items from realtors during open houses in 2007. We sent Tina their picture and she says it's the same man who was in her home.

"I could not sleep last night, I was so scared," she said.

News On 6 called the man's number and the person who answered said he was Stan, but he denied being in Bixby or Tina's home.

Reporter: "This is the number in her cell phone. The person called her from this number and said he was Stan Tucker and he came to her house. How do you think that could happen?

Stan: "Wasn't us."

Reporter: "So how do you think someone got your cell phone number?"

Stan: "Have no clue."

Reporter: "And the tag on the car checked to your name."

Stan: "Wasn't us."

Reporter: "Can you send me a picture of yourself so I can show it to this lady so we can see if someone stole your identity or something?"

Stan: "I'll look into that."