TULSA, Oklahoma - A very dangerous prank landed a Tulsa teenager behind bars Monday night.

Police say the boy was with a couple of friends when he threw a large chunk of concrete off the Sheridan overpass onto a car driving below on the Creek Turnpike

"We've all done silly things, but you can kill somebody doing this," said David Allen.

David said he was driving westbound on the Creek Turnpike late Monday night.

His son, Shane, was sitting in the passenger seat, when they saw three kids standing on the Sheridan Road overpass.

Just moments later, David said, "I was lighting a cigarette; the cigarette exploded. I did not have any idea what was happening."

A rock, six inches across, smashed through the Mustang's windshield, hitting Shane in the face and shoulder. He would walk away with only a knot on his head and few scratches.

But the story doesn't end there.

"I would say I was a little angry, upset - both - worried about my son. [I was] very angry at what somebody would do and what could have happened," David said.

David got off at the next exit and drove until he found three 14 or 15-year-old kids, one of whom had thrown the rock, still standing on the bridge.

The kids took off; the Allens called 911 and chased them into a neighborhood.

Tulsa Police had to use a helicopter to find the teens hiding behind a house. One of them was arrested and taken to a detention facility.

A similar situation happened in New Zealand about eight years ago, when a 14-year-old threw a rock over a bridge and killed someone.

The driver whose car was hit last night says he's lucky it wasn't him.

"Windshields we can get fixed this time around. Next time, it may not be only just a windshield."