TULSA, Oklahoma - A stolen custom Cadillac was found abandoned on the westbound Broken Arrow Expressway near the Harvard exit overnight Sunday.

The thieves may have run out of gas as they stole the car from a gas station before the owner could fill the tank.

Sergeant Darren Bristow said the owner and his girlfriend were at an EZ Mart at 37th and South Memorial at about 1:45 a.m. to get gas when they were approached by two armed men. The victim believes the men were armed with .38-caliber revolvers, Bristow said.

"The strange thing is they ordered him to take his pants off," the sergeant told News On 6.

The thieves also robbed the woman then fled with the car and the man's pants.

The car was found within an hour on the BA Expressway by a News On 6 photographer.

Upon making attempts to contact the reporting party, police were unable to due to what appears to be false contact info.

Police towed the vehicle hoping to contact the owner. The vehicle had iridescent paint that appears purple or gold depending on the light, deep rims painted the same color and the word "flawle$$" written on the sides.

It has Arkansas plates.

Bristow said the car theft may be related to another incident a couple of nights ago where armed men also instructed a victim to take off his pants.