This weekend, 135 of the best noodlers came to Green Country for the area's first noodling tournament, "The Battle of the Big Cats" in Claremore.

The winner snagged a catfish that weighed in at 76 pounds!

Tournament organizer Kaleb Summers took our own Dick Faurot, Tess Maune and Lacie Lowry out noodling just for fun to see if he could cast some of his luck on them. As usual, they got a little sidetracked.

"It'll make better video if the girls get one first, after all ladies first," Dick Faurot said.

"That's what I'd say if I was scared," said Tess Maune.

"Dirty little coward. It's getting personal now," Faurot said.

"I'll go. Wait, I'm the dirty little coward?" asked Lacie Lowry.

"No, the fish! I'm just talking about the fish being a dirty little coward," Faurot answered.

The crew did end up catching some fish. Lacie brought in a tiny little fighter. And Tess noodled a 10-pound beauty. Dick wrestled with a 55-pounder for half an hour until the fish pulled a Houdini move and escaped.

That wasn't the only fishing Faurot did. He took out our new 9 p.m. anchor team Jennifer Loren and Chera Kimiko out for a fishing trip. Watch the Tulsa CW tonight at 9 p.m. to see the new team - and the fishing trip.