TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are searching for two men they say are stealing their robbery victims' pants along with their cash and other valuables.

This is something police say they don't see too often.

Tulsa Police say a couple pulled over to get gas near 37th and Memorial when two armed men came up to them. The men demanded that their victim not only drop his pants, but take them off, too.

"Once they took her money from her, they took his pants, jumped in his car, and were last seen traveling eastbound on 37th Street," said Sgt. Darren Bristow.

But the thieves didn't get too far in the decked-out, stolen Cadillac. Within an hour, a News On 6 photojournalist found it on the Broken Arrow Expressway.

"He did state that he was low on gas, hadn't had a chance to get gas, so he doesn't believe they can get far," Bristow said.

Sgt. Brandon Watkins said this isn't the only recent robbery like this. Just two days earlier, the same thing happened at a hotel in the same area.

"That says more about the robbers than it does the victims," Watkins said. "I don't know why they would want to take their pants. That's kind of an odd MO."

Detectives don't believe the jeans were an expensive brand, so they can only speculate why the crooks would want to keep the pants.

"To incapacitate, take any cell phones, money, wallet, anything like that that they might have in their pockets of their pants," Bristow said.

Watkins said, "We've had a couple where the suspect has forced the victim to strip, but it's mostly to help them get away."

Investigators say this should be a lesson for everyone: no matter how bizarre a robber's request is, it's best to give them whatever they want.

"You take your pants off. Keeping a pair of jeans is not worth getting killed over, and any time somebody has got a gun on you, they're just a trigger pull away from murdering you," Watkins said.

The victims haven't been able to give a good description of the robbers.

If you know anything about these robberies, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.