When disaster strikes, you may look to some young teens to get the word out in the Sooner State.

It's a unique hobby of two brothers that could save lives when disaster strikes.

For years, they boys have been busy honing a talent that helps them communicate across the world.

The Danforth brothers are ham radio operators and two of the youngest in the world.

Carlton was the youngest Oklahoman to be certified, passing the test when he was just 12.

His little brother Corbon was the youngest to ever receive a call sign. He was just 7.

This skill helps them reach around the globe.

"Up in Maine, down in Florida, and all the way into Alaska and Hawaii and so, we also hit all the way around the world," Carlton Danforth said. "Just the other day we hit Czechoslovakia."

The brothers' skills have already come in handy.

Carlton helped the Red Cross communicate during the Bartlesville flood.