BIXBY, Oklahoma - The City of Bixby is adopting a new mass notification system that will be launched Wednesday, June 26 with a message from Mayor Ray Bowen. City leaders will use the system to send voice mails to residents and businesses in times of emergency and for locally important announcements, according to a news release.

The service will include weather alert advisories, Amber Alerts and water service interruptions.

Blackboard Connect messages are currently set to use land line phones, but Bixby residents are encouraged to sign up their mobile devices as well.

"Many people do not have land lines and will not be in our system on day one," said Bixby Police Chief Ike Shirley.

"We strongly recommend each family enroll their mobile devices into our new Blackboard Connect emergency notification system, for their own safety and peace of mind."

Bixby Manager Doug Enevoldsen said the new emergency notification service is one of several initiatives the city is taking to keep people informed and safe. There is no charge for the service.

Register mobile devices by going to the City of Bixby website and clicking on the Blackboard Connect image. You can also opt for e-mails or text message notifications.