TULSA, Oklahoma - The Better Business Bureau is warning Oklahoma senior citizens about a new telephone scam. It centers on the popular Life Alert system, promising free medical assistance.

The recorded message says it's Life Alert, the original "I've fallen and can't get up" product advertised on TV.

The sales pitch is convincing, but the Better Business Bureau says it is all a lie and people are falling for it.

The recording says "We have a medic alert system for you and it's all been paid for, and all we need from you is permission to ship it to you."

The BBB says when people stay on the line, an operator tries to get their credit or debit card numbers. The operator may even ask for what he or she calls a Medicare number, which is really the victim's Social Security number. The BBB says that is something you should never give to a stranger on the phone.

The BBB says victims reported being billed $35 a month for that supposedly free medical alert system.

The BBB has heard from people who took the bait. Some received a medical alert product, but not the Life Alert system. Other people say said they didn't get anything.