TULSA, Oklahoma - Friends and family of a man who was killed by a stray bullet at a Tulsa Best Buy remembered him on Saturday. A park bench in the neighborhood where he lived will serve as a memorial.

Friends of Wesley Brown say Pratt Park was one of his favorites.

Last July, Brown and his daughter were shopping at a Tulsa Best Buy store when he was killed. In April, prosecutors decided not to seek the death penalty against the two men charged in the Shooting.

Jeremy Foster and Willie Wise both are charged in connection with the death of Scott Norman and Wesley Brown. They have both pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Police say Scott Norman was the intended target of the shooting, but a stray bullet hit Brown in the chest while he was shopping.

On Saturday, neighbors with the Florence Park Neighborhood Association dedicated a park bench to Wesley Brown. Neighbors, family and friends all came out to Pratt Park to remember him.

They say Brown was instrumental in the community and loved Pratt Park.

"He loved this park," said Lance Woolsey, Florence Park Neighborhood Association. "He liked all the parks, but this was kind of special one.

"He and his daughter would come down here and play in it and make daisy chains and stuff so I think he would of really enjoyed it."

Brown's mother drove up from Oklahoma City for the dedication ceremony. She says the family is still healing from their loss.

"It's really a difficult time - it's difficult for all the family, but this coming together is very nurturing," said Maquetta Brown, Wesley's mother.

"It's very warming, and I'm very appreciative of what they've done because he really loved this neighborhood association - Florence Park Neighborhood Association. He worked hard in it and it meant a lot to him," his mother said.

Planners say events like these are helping bring closure to the family that's still healing from their loss of a man who acted as an ambassador to the neighborhood.

"I think it's been good for the family and for the neighborhood," said Lance Woolsey, Florence Park Neighborhood Association.

"It's almost a year past now. We've gotten to accept it that he's not going to be there now. It's still, it's still a loss."

One of the suspects charged with the death of Brown has a hearing in August.