TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa firefighters donated 30 air conditioning units to their neighbors in need Tuesday. Local 176 collected $3,000 out of their own paychecks to help pay for them.

The units were donated to the Indian Nations Council of Governments area Agency on Aging, and will be installed in the homes of low-income seniors living in our community.

They did it, local 176 President Chad Miller said, "Knowing that the hottest months of the year are coming, knowing firsthand that we run on medical emergencies and see the effects of the heat."

This same group of firefighters raised money last year to provide Thanksgiving dinners to Tulsa families, who couldn't afford to celebrate the holiday.

Call the INCOG Area Agency on Aging Senior Info Line at 918-579-9486 for more information on how to get one of those air conditioning units.