TULSA, Oklahoma - The weather certainly didn't stop people from heading down to the banks of the Arkansas River for some Fourth of July fireworks.

After a short storm in the evening, the skies cleared and people got back in their places to see the show.

People were claiming their spots in Veterans Park before early Thursday afternoon, and were all caught a little off guard by the evening shower.

Robert Jenkins said he was excited to be there to, "Enjoy it with my grand babies for their first time and see what they think about it, and just enjoy the show, and we think its going to be great, just like every year."

And while we talking to the folks waiting for the fireworks display, Mother Nature rained down on Veterans Park for about 30 minutes straight.

"It's July in Oklahoma. You need an umbrella everyday," said Tim Mason.

Mason and his family were one of the many Tulsans doing whatever they could to shield themselves from the rain and small hail.

"We'll have to hold on to it. It's better than being beat to death by hail!" Mason said.

Some people picked up their spots and found the nearest shelter. People huddled around trees, others just braved the cooling rain while the storm passed.

"It caught us totally off guard. If I'd known it was going to do this, we probably would have come down later," said Dan Medeck.

The music kicked off around 8 p.m., and that 30 minute fireworks show was set to go off from the 21st Street bridge around 9:30.