TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man was arrested on a peeping tom charge last night - after a woman found him inside a restroom near Keystone Dam. He wasn't just in the restroom - he was underneath the toilet, in a septic tank, looking up.

The man said he had been hit over the head and dumped in the toilet, but authorities didn't find any evidence of that. What's for certain is that a woman and her 7-year-old girl found him down in the tank of the latrine - covered in everything that's down there.

Calling these latrines a bathroom would be a compliment, but usually there's at least a measure of privacy. Over the weekend, there wasn't even that because a man was down in the tank, apparently - well no one really knows what he was doing.

Tulsa County Deputies ended up arresting 52-year-old Kenneth Enlow, a 6-foot tall, 240-pound man, who had squeezed himself into the tank of the latrine.

"They sprayed him off with the front hose of the firetruck, and probably for a very good reason. When he first came out, he was covered in defecation. Looked like he'd been down there for quite some time," said Stuart Meyer, who witnessed Enlow's arrest.

Authorities aren't really sure how long Mr. Enlow was down in the toilet waiting for someone to show up, but witnesses said it took about 30 minutes for them to get him out and clean him up enough for the trip to jail.

A lot of first responders were at the scene, where Enlow was pulled up with ropes, before he was hosed down and wrapped up.

People who frequent the park couldn't believe the story.

"I would hate to have been the police officer that transported him," said Howard Aderholt. Even with the hosing off, you know he still had to have a little smell."

The park was busy over the weekend, and the latrines probably were as well. Enlow was arrested on a peeping tom charge for the one incident - there not sure if anyone else went - and didn't notice him down there.

"The outhouses out there rate less than disgusting, the aroma, the smell. The thought of even having to even go in and use one to begin with is phenomenal," said witness Stuart Meyer.

"But to think that there's somebody down at the bottom watching you is plumb scary."

Enlow was also wanted in Okmulgee County for outstanding warrants on embezzlement and dumping trash. He is still in jail Monday night.