TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police captured a convicted felon hiding in some bushes as part of a special summertime patrol aimed at repeat offenders.

Anthony Avington, 26, is in Tulsa County Jail on several complaints including possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and eluding police after a felony conviction.

Sergeant Matt McCord said two officers attempted to pull Avington's car over near 2100 North Cincinnati shortly before midnight on a routine traffic stop. Avington continued driving to a nearby neighborhood, ditched his car and took off on foot.

"Inside the car that he abandoned, we discovered that he had been carrying marijuana with him in amounts enough to sell to others," McCord told News On 6.

Police One helicopter was nearby and helped officers on the ground make the arrest, McCord said. A map overlay technology called ARS pinpointed Avington's hiding place in some nearby bushes, McCord said.

Avington was taken into custody for the traffic offenses as well as the marijuana and eluding complaints.

McCord said the special 12-week enforcement program underway at the Gilcrease Division has taken a number of people off the streets.

"Our mission is to target violent criminals and repeat offenders and to make sure that they are brought to justice and go to jail for their offense," McCord said.

Avington was convicted of possession of a controlled substance in 2012, according to court records.