TERLTON, Oklahoma - We are learning more about the teenager shot and killed by a 17-year-old outside a Hominy home Thursday morning.

The homeowner said the 16-year-old, identified by family as Cole Davis, of Terlton, was trying to break in when she woke her 17-year-old son and told him to get his gun.

"There was a gentleman on the front porch saying someone was trying to kill him. He punched through my front door. My son shot him twice, we don't know if he is dead or not," the homeowner said in a call to 911 dispatchers.

The mother said Davis was yelling and attempting to force his way inside her home around 1 a.m.

Neighbors in Hominy told us Davis had been to at least two other homes prior, and they believed he may have been high.

We spoke with Davis's family in Terlton, who chose not to go on camera, but told us the teenager might have experimented with a drug that caused his odd behavior before he was killed.

"I would call him my best friend, any day," said Kyle Mendenhall.

Mendenhall lives just down the road, and said the friend he'd known for two years didn't use drugs.

"Wasn't a bad kid at all when I hung out with him, he was just a normal teenage kid," Mendenhall said.

Davis had been a student at Mannford High School.

Hours following the shooting, his Facebook page is filled with comments from friends who say he will be dearly missed.

Among those mourning the loss is Ralph Buttler

"I tried to treat him like one of my own kids," he said.

Buttler said he opened up his home to Davis and would often cook for the teenager and his girlfriend.

"He's never tried to take anything that I've got. My garage has always been open, he's been in my house and he never tired to take anything," Buttler said.

"He struck me as somebody that was easy going, kind of laid back," said neighbor Roy Bearid.

Roy Bearid and his wife Sue said they can't help but think of what his family must be going though.

"Anybody that loses a child--it's got to be so devastating, it almost brings tears to your eyes," Roy said.

No arrests have been made and the Osage County Sheriff's Office said it will submit its findings to the District Attorney for review

Many of the people we spoke with, who knew Davis, say they still don't know why Davis was in Hominy.