OSAGE COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Corporation Commission says an oil leak has been discovered in a BP line inside a pump station in Copan.

The commission says a field person estimated the leak from the 20-inch crude line as 50 to 100 barrels. An oil barrel in the U.S. is defined as 42 gallons.

Officials say a company technician discovered the leak inside the Blake pump station, which is an unmanned facility in a rural area. The Osage County Sheriff's Office confirms it was found around 9 a.m., at the station 10 miles west of Highway 75, along Highway 10.

The line was shut down, but the Corporation Commission said the danger of flammability is too high for crews to start any work to repair it.

The agency says some oil went outside the station and into a drainage ditch, which goes to a water reservoir, abut 1.5 miles west of the station.

From Osage SkyNews 6, we could see crews working to move dirt and dam up the drainage ditch. They are trying to make sure the oil doesn't get into any of the area's water supply, but it has gotten into some type of holding pond next to the pump station. The flow of the oil does seem to be going downstream from the nearby water reservoir.

The Osage County Sheriff's Office said the spill is considered contained.

About two miles of Highway 10 is shut down while crews work near the pump station.