TULSA, Oklahoma - Attorneys in the controversial custody fight over Veronica Brown say they're working to arrange a meeting between the two sides, which would include Veronica.

Progress isn't happening quickly in the highly sensitive back and forth.

Matt and Melanie Capobianco came to Tulsa, hoping to see 3-year-old Veronica Brown, the girl they raised for more than two years before losing custody to her biological father in Oklahoma.

Now, after re-gaining custody in a South Carolina court, the couple wants their daughter back, but are willing to reach a compromise allowing Dusten Brown to visit her.

"We certainly do want the Browns involved in her life, and of course her Native heritage," Matt Capobianco said.

Brown's lawyers maintain an Oklahoma court should decide what's best for Veronica.

While attorneys work out arrangements for the two sides to meet, we talked with Angel Smith, an attorney appointed by Cherokee Nation District Court to solely represent Veronica.

Reporter Craig Day: "As an attorney representing a child of this age, your number one goal is what?"
Attorney Angel Smith: "My number one goal is to make sure they're rights and interests are protected legally, including her best interests."

Smith, wouldn't talk specifics about the case, but outlined general principles followed when a child is caught in the middle of a custody battle.

"The best interests, though it's not a standard definition, generally looks at factors of the child's present circumstances and needs, the safety and well being of the child being paramount," Smith said.

Meanwhile, attorneys for Dusten Brown say they've reached out to representatives of the Capobiancos to arrange a meeting, but haven't received a response.

Those attorneys say the two sides, along with Veronica, will likely meet soon, but the South Carolina couple will not take Veronica back with them.

"We don't want to scare our daughter in some type of confrontation, that's not in her best interests," Matt Capobianco said.

Brown's attorneys also say he will not, under any circumstances, meet with Troy Dunn, who has a reality show called "The Locator," focused on reuniting families.

The South Carolina couple says they're still trying to arrange a meeting with Veronica.

A family spokesperson did not return our calls.