By Lauren Caster
From Ideas That Spark 

Dogs may have fur, but that doesn't mean they never catch a chill. And that's a poor excuse for not dressing them up in the season's best doggy wear. Whether you live in Florida or New England, we've found some adorable (and functional) seasonal duds for your pooch to wear.

Vests and Hoodies

Even though the tiny hood may never actually be used, there is nothing cuter than a puppy wearing a hoodie. This fleecy hoodie vest is reversible with a pink plaid option or solid black with pink accents. It works double for warmth and style.

And for extra cuteness, dress your pup in a Casual Canine North Pole Pals Dog Hoodie that is decorated with warmly dressed owls or penguins. The soft fleece will keep your dog warm and dry.


For the especially stylish canine, this brown plaid coat set comes complete with a matching leash and hat. The belt and fur trim are nice touches as well.

This Greatcoat is functional without sacrificing fashion. With a waterproof exterior and a detachable faux fur trimmed hood, your dog will still look super-cute while staying protected from rain and snow.

Holiday Outfits

Even if your area doesn't get cold enough for a dog coat made with down, you can still dress your dog for holiday success. You can go all out and dress your pooch like Santa or Mrs. Claus, or simply dress things up in a holiday red tartan plaid dress or vest.

For a warmer Christmas outfit, this reversible reindeer quilted vest looks great and will keep your dog cozy.

For the Snow

If your pup has a serious obsession with snow, there are some excellent, extra-warm coats and accessories that will allow him to romp for as long as he pleases. This plaid wool coat gives the concept of hunting dog a whole new meaning. You can also give your little pooch some extra warmth by adding a scarf: This brightly striped neck warmer is machine washable and sports colorful pom-poms.

And of course, the most serious snow-tromping dogs can wear this bright-red, full-body snowsuit with optional booties. Your best pal won't be catching a chill in this piece!

Finally, if you're pulling last year's pet wear from the attic or just want to freshen up the latest pieces, a few spritzes of a pet odor eliminator fabric refresher will do the trick.

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