OKLAHOMA CITY - The winter storm forced state agencies and schools to shut down for the day. But one metro school decided to keep its doors open on Friday and it took some pretty special people to make it happen.

Some faculty and staff members at the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics took their dedication to teaching to the next level. As school district after school district announced closures late Thursday afternoon, OSSM decided to stay open.

The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics' didn't want to lose a day of rigorous learning. Faculty and Staff at O-S-S-M will tell you it's not big deal, but in the eyes of their students, they went the extra mile to make sure they could be in the classroom first thing Friday morning.

Across the snow-covered campus, Executive Assistant Joanna Lee, set up her own digs in the library; an air mattress, blanket and pillow. For Lee, spending the night was a no-brainer.

The students at OSSM noticed how dedicated their teachers were so a group of them woke up at the crack of dawn and shoveled the paths through campus.