TULSA, Oklahoma - Friends and family said it's going to take a long time for a Tulsa city worker who was hit in a work zone, to recover. Jill Davis, a young mother of five, put her own life on the line to make sure her coworkers were safe Saturday night.

Her mother said it will be months before she can walk again, and her injuries are likely permanent. The driver who hit her didn't even try to get her out of the road.

Mike Johnson, with Becco Construction, knows exactly how dangerous it can be to work so close to cars and has had plenty of close calls himself.

"It happens all the time. People don't pay attention," he said.

Saturday night, on a stretch of Lynn Lane, it wasn't a close call for Davis; it was a hit and run. The 29 year old, a part time worker with the city, was hit by a truck while she was directing traffic around other workers.

The crash left her with a broken pelvis and other injuries. She's needed a transfusion and will need months of rehabilitation.

Her coworkers said she's a hard worker and had just been offered a full time job with the city.

Her supervisor, Blaine Parnell, said they take every precaution they can, but they need drivers to be more careful.

"Hit her and knocked her 20 or 30 feet," Parnell said. "There's no doubt this is one of the most dangerous occupations out there, because we're working on lines in the street, by the road, in the intersection."

The accident was a hit and run and the only description is a man driving an F-150 that's dark, with lighter gray on the bottom.

Davis' coworkers plan to raise money to help with her medical bills and they would really like to see the driver caught and held accountable.

Johnson has learned, in the construction zone, there's only so much he can do to protect himself and he never relies on the drivers to watch out for him or his coworkers.

"Don't turn your back on them for sure," he said.

City employees are working to set up a fund.

Currently, Davis is in sever pain and it may be several months before she can walk, but she is able to talk.

The police need tips to find the person that hit her, so if you know of a truck with new damage they need that information.