MAYES COUNTY, Oklahoma - A fully nude strip club is rumored to be under construction right in the middle of one of Green Country's Amish communities.

The construction is being done just outside the city limits of Inola, in Mayes County. Tax rolls show the property is owned by a man named Hai Ying, which happens to be the same name of the owner of a fully nude club in rural Kansas.

Between the corn fields and grazing cattle, a construction project is underway, and it has the community in Mayes County outraged.

Inola resident, Sue Moore lives just a half mile from the construction site.

"I just hope and pray it doesn't go through," she said. "It needs to be somewhere besides out here amongst us country people."

She said word in the community is a fully nude club is going up along Highway 412, just east of the Rogers County line and a gas station.

A worker on site said blue prints say an entertainment center is being built.

Mayes County Commissioner Darrell Yoder said he's looking into the strip club claims, and said a contractor told him the plot was the future home of the Crown Event Center.

In Mayes County there are no zoning restrictions, unless it's a flood plain, which means there are also no building permits. So, essentially, anything could be built on the piece of land.

Rodney Jantz is one gentleman in Inola who would not be visiting a gentleman's club.

"From our understanding, there's not a lot we can do to stop it," he said.

He has strong roots invested in the vast countryside.

"A lot of farmers, a lot of Amish live right here; the Mennonite church is just a mile and a half up the road," Jantz said. "My family's been here for four generations."

Jantz is now raising a fifth generation and said a nude club will strip the area of its dignity.

"We get gas at this gas station, so to have to explain to them [his children] what this is and what they're building here, it's not a conversation you want to have with small children," he said.

I've tried to reach Hai Ying multiple times.

I did speak with the manager at the strip club he owns in Kansas, but the manager said he didn't know anything about his boss building a club in Oklahoma.

In the meantime, the commissioner is telling worried residents to call their state representatives and senators.