STILLWATER, Oklahoma - A manufacturer announced the closure of its Stillwater pressure vessel manufacturing facility on Tuesday, leaving 55 workers without a job.

Total Energy Fabrication Corporation on Airport Road specializes in new and refurbished storage tanks, towers and vessels.

The firm said the closure is the "result of significant operational challenges and weakening market conditions in the large pressure vessel industry."

"Total Energy is in active discussions with several major players in our industry who have expressed a high level of interest in the Fabrication business unit," said Robert Armentano, President and CEO.

"While we are disappointed that the facility is currently shutdown, we do expect to finalize a sale of the Stillwater facility very soon. Our primary objective is to assist our employees with job transitions. We are taking immediate steps to help the impacted employees and their families with this transition."

Stillwater Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Lisa Navrkal said state and local officials are preparing assistance information for those affected.

Additionally, several area employers are providing them with information on current job openings and allow them to apply for openings on the spot.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.