TULSA, Oklahoma - Fireworks stands are popping up all over Green Country just in time for the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend.

Firefighters always want to remind people this time of year about fireworks safety.

Fire departments across Oklahoma say they'll be fully staffed on Independence Day.

Tulsa Fire Department Spokesman Stan May also represents the Professional Firefighters of Oklahoma and is stressing the need for people to take their fun with fireworks to safe areas.

"Get them away from your house, business, you know - any buildings, keep it away from high vegetation make sure you're shooting them on hard non-combustible surfaces," said Stan May, Professional Firefighters of Oklahoma.

In Tulsa, it's illegal to shoot fireworks off inside city limits. Downtown event like FreedomFest get licenses to for fireworks displays in the city, and organizers hire professionals to put on the shows.

If you get caught shooting fireworks off in Tulsa you could get a $200 fine and receive a court summons.

"We're very congested in Tulsa, and chances for burning down a house or a business are much higher," May said.

Collinsville, Sapulpa and Owasso are other cities that don't allow the shooting of fireworks in their city limits.

Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Jenks, Bixby, Glenpool and Claremore sell permits for a small fee. Fees range from $20 to $25.

If it's legal for you to shoot them off, May warns to keep an eye on children around fireworks.

"What we ask as firefighters is that you have adult supervision at all times. That stops more injuries than anything else we found," said Stan May, Professional Firefighters of Oklahoma.

Check with your city hall before you start launching off fireworks in your backyard.