TULSA, Oklahoma - Shoppers in north Tulsa hope to save a grocery store that plans to close by July 10, 2014.

Gateway Market at the corner of Pine and Peoria is the only grocery store in the area.

Monday a group of about 20 people met at Lacy Park Community Center to discuss what options they have to save it.

The store has been open for four years. When it opened on January 16, 2010, north Tulsa celebrated because the area had been hoping for another store after the Albertson's at 1601 North Peoria closed.

But now, owner Antonio Perez says the store is losing money and he has to close it. The store leases the property. According to Billie Parker, who lives nearby, Perez says someone else can take over the store if they can raise enough money.

"We need to take it back ourselves, we need to get investors to invest with us and run this ourselves," said Billie Parker.

Two more meetings are planned Monday and Tuesday at the Lacy Park Community Center at 2134 North Madison to continue the discussions and search for investors.