TULSA, Oklahoma - Residents of Tulsa's Sand Dollar Apartments near 61st and Riverside are among those who will be resting easier after their neighbor was identified as a suspect in the recent sexual assaults.

One woman, who lives just below the suspect, said she had no idea her neighbor was the man police say sexually attacked seven women.

Ashleigh McDonald lives in the apartment directly below where Desmond Campbell was staying. McDonald said he just moved into his girlfriend's apartment a few months ago.

She didn't know much about the couple, other than they have two dogs. She said she had talked with his girlfriend a few times, but for the most part only saw Campbell when he was out with the dogs.

While the victims described their attacker as wearing a hoodie, McDonald said she never saw Campbell wearing one.

"He was always wearing tank top and shorts. Unless he changed," McDonald said. "He was always very open out here, not hiding himself or anything."

Several other neighbors were also shocked by the news. One said if Campbell is the guy, she doesn't believe his girlfriend knew anything about the crimes.

Another neighbor said he saw Campbell several times in the early morning and gave him reasons for being out at odd hours, like he couldn't sleep.