OKMULGEE, Oklahoma - In Okmulgee, doctors and nurses are still seeing bouts of gastroenteritis. Those affected seem to be symptomatic for 48-72 hours.

In Sapulpa it's bites from spiders, ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, snakes. Sometimes the bug is not seen when it bites… so pay attention to the symptoms.

Spiders such as black widows or fiddlebacks turn bad quickly and require immediate evaluation and treatment.

Certain snakes require anti-venom, but some do not. If you're able to bring in the bug or snake, it helps tremendously.

Concerning signs include a fever, drainage at the bite, increasing inflammation, red streaks extending from the bite, and shortness of breath.

Remember when to be alert when cleaning. Spiders like to hide under and behind things for protection.

Spray at least quarterly for insects, spiders, and snakes, and wear repellant and protective clothing when outdoors. Examine you or others from head to toe after being outside, including children who have been playing outside.

Some bites occur on the scalp, between toes and skin folds or creases

For your Pets, when you wash them use special rinses targeting ticks, fleas, etc.