MANNFORD, Oklahoma - Fuel and food are keeping the Fourth of July celebrations going at Keystone Lake.

The celebration at Pier 51 Marina has been going strong since yesterday, and on Saturday night, thousands are expected to pack the banks and float in boats as fireworks light up the Green Country sky.

Lake-goers say they're spending about $300 on gas and averaging $100 a day for food.

"Fuel yesterday: $165, today: $115," Sparky Hassenplug said.

"I probably spent a couple hundred bucks," Jeff Cranford said. "On what? Food, beer."

The Cranfords say they're not holding back.

"We had beers here. We ate in Stillwater and then we're on our way to Tulsa to eat at Fish Daddy's."

Sparky Hassenplug and his family are working up big appetites tubing.

They eat at home and dine out.

This year, they're glad to see more people on the lake, which means more lake-goers supporting the local economy.

"I think it's cooler; it's not as hot and more people are getting out," Sparky said.

Nearly all of Shanna Yost's family is here, splitting costs.

"Definitely fuel, food, beverages, snacks for the kids, lodging accommodations," she said.

"Fortunately, we got out lucky this time. We're stating at some relatives' house."

And Jimmy and Shanna Stott say they skipped out on shooting off fireworks this year to save money by watching the lake's show.

"If you stay at home and you shoot fireworks off, you're going to have the same money wrapped into it, so you might as well come to the lake," Jimmy said.

But many aren't thinking about the price of playtime.

They're just enjoying the time off.

"I work a lot," Cranford said. "I work a couple jobs. You know, I do odd-and-end stuff, I have a little extra money, so why not?"