, Havonnah Johnson

GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - Law enforcement sources say fire destroyed a mobile home in Glenpool early Tuesday while officers served warrants at the home and took four people into custody. Now they are trying to determine if authorities or the suspects started the fire.

The home is located at 167th Street South and Highway 75. Investigators held a news conference to discuss the arrests and fire.

Captain George Brown, spokesman for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, said several agencies joined together to serve "high-risk felony warrants" and arrest suspects in a stolen property ring.

Officials worked through the day to figure out what caused the fire at 166th Street South just off of Highway 75.

"We are not clear if the tear gas ignited the fire or if the suspects ignited the fire in an attempt to conceal stolen property," said Brown.

He said the stolen property included guns, trailers and more.

They used tear gas during the arrests, he said. 

Flames and smoke quickly consumed the trailer and firefighters got to work. Osage Sky News 6 HD captured images from above while on the ground multiple law enforcement agencies worked together to round up suspects.

"Involving units from Sapulpa Police, Creek County Sheriff's office, Glenpool Police Department, Bixby Police Department, ATF and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. It was for a large felony theft ring," said Brown.

Even with careful planning and dozens of officers and deputies around, officials said in these situations, things can still go wrong.

"When tactical units go in to make entry on a high risk warrant there is a lot of officer safety issues that we have to be aware of," Brown said.

Paramedics examined the people who were inside the trailer, and since no one was seriously hurt, officers arrested four people.

Three of them, 49-year-old Robert Tiger Junior, 48-year-old Diana Camp and 18-year-old Dylan Camp, are in jail for resisting arrest. A minor was arrested as well.

Tiger also has outstanding warrants and Dylan Camp is accused of assault and battery on a police officer.

More charges may come. Authorities are working to determine if any of the stolen property is salvageable.