TULSA, Oklahoma - The family of a New York woman who was murdered in Tulsa returned to Green Country looking for the killer. Lisa Bollaert was brutally murdered in April, 2009, and police still don't have leads in the case.

Police said it's been five years but they still have no idea who the man is Bollaert was last seen with. Now her widower and her ex-husband are hoping posters and a $10,000 reward will get answers.

Her husband, James Bollaert, said he doesn't want his wife to be known as the woman found in a bag. Before she hitchhiked from upstate New York to Tulsa, he was trying to get her help so they could raise their daughter together.

"Oh I loved her. We loved each other. I mean we were so close. We had a really good marriage until it came on really quickly. I can remember the first time she came and said something about ghosts," he said.

“It's just that Lisa was vulnerable with her mental illness that she had, and we did everything we could to try and get help for her, and somebody preyed on it," said her first husband, Frank Willis.

Battling bipolar disorder, the mother of two checked into Tulsa's Salvation Army shelter on April 27, 2009. Eight days later police found the 37-year-old's body beaten and wrapped in a trash bag. Her feet and mouth were taped.

"They have a man of interest. We don't have a name, we just have a picture. He was last seen with her like a day before of her disappearing and dying," Bollaert said.

Police said in five years they have gotten one tip, a grainy image that Willis said haunts Lisa’s 14-year-old son. He said watching his son suffer is hard and wants someone to pay.

"I don't know if Oklahoma has the death penalty, but if they do, we are for it 100 percent for anybody to do what they did to Lisa they must have had a troubled past," Willis said.

Lisa's widower and ex-husband are in Tulsa visiting the places where she was seen; from the FBI office where surveillance cameras captured her picture to the site where her body was dumped. They are in Tulsa passing out flyers and begging the public for answers.

“She was great mother and her son like I said doesn't sleep at night, so if anybody knows anything just help him catch this guy," Bollaert said.

He saved for five years and is offering $10,000 for info leading to the arrest and conviction of Lisa's killer. The men said they will come to Tulsa every year until they get justice.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.