TULSA, Oklahoma - It was a change of scenery for Tulsa city councilors Tuesday. Councilman Blake Ewing cohosted the first-ever "Dive Bar Town Hall" at Soundpony in the Brady Arts District.

Ewing, along with McNellies Group owner Elliot Nelson, said it was a way to diversify the town hall meeting typically held at churches or community centers.

The group talked about arts and culture in Tulsa, specifically how to better fund grassroots art, compared to more established art programs.

Ewing said the dive bar brings together people from all walks of life.

"Sittin' stool, next to stool, having conversations about how to make a better city, so why not formalize that just a bit? Grab a microphone and invite people to come and gather 'round a topic and talk about how to make Tulsa a better place," he said.

Ewing said they haven't announced when and where the next Dive Bar Town Hall will be, but said there will be another.