TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - There have been no confirmed human cases for West Nile Virus in Tulsa County this year, but the Tulsa Health Department confirmed a mosquito in the northern part of the county did test positive. Now, experts are reminding everyone of tips to keep them safe from bites.

Sprays with DEET aren't the only way to stop mosquito bites; you can start with your home. Experts say foggers work great because the mist repels them.

They suggest using several methods to stop mosquitoes before they bite. You can spray them, zap them or trap them, even light a candle to repel them.

When it comes to mosquitoes, entomologists say you have to get them, before they bite you.

Hardware stores are stocked with options from $4 sprays, which last a few hours, to $100 foggers, which last 30 days.

“To protect your backyard, and your children and your family; I mean for $100, to me, it would be worth it do it," said Richard Womack with Best Electric & Hardware.

Mosquito traps are set around the state but experts say you need a plan to avoid mosquito borne illnesses.

The Tulsa Health Department confirmed, of the 50 samples tested this week, one was positive for West Nile. A human case of West Nile was confirmed in northwest Oklahoma last week.

“There is a product out there called the Skeeter Defeater," Womack said.

The defeat is all about the timing, since the biting bugs target humans at dawn and dusk.

“It has a photocell which senses light or dark and it will eject the chemical automatically without you having to do anything. I have one of these that I use at home and it works great," said Womack.

The Skeeter Defeater is about $80.

Experts say covering up, applying repellant and getting rid of standing water are the easiest ways to keep the bugs at bay.

After recent rain, mosquito dunks are handy to prevent hatching. Just place them in standing water that can't be dumped.

July through October are peak risk months for West Nile.

The county said there are fewer West Nile cases this year as compared to last year, but everyone should use products to prevent a bite.

“I don't think they have been flying off the shelves as fast as normal because of the lack of mosquitos in the area, and of course that's due to the city spraying, I'm sure, to keep them away and to kill them," said Womack.

Another great product is the Off clip-ons because you don’t spray it on. There is no smell but the fan keeps mosquitoes away.

To alert the Health Department about mosquitoes in your area, call 918-595-4219.