COWETA, Oklahoma - A video showing a man throwing items into an SUV then speeding away is spreading on social media. The man who shot the video said he posted it on his Facebook account to help police catch what he believes was a shoplifter at the Coweta Walmart.

Security experts said the video will help police because it not only identifies the car he left in, but it shows man's face and clothing.

Video Taker: "Just ran this stuff here right out of Walmart, right here. Stole it.
Shoplifter: "No I didn't."
Video Taker: "He's taking off right now."
Shoplifter: "Whatever dude."

On a packed Sunday evening, one shopper said he caught the man darting out of the Coweta Walmart. He said the man took the license plate from an SUV waiting in the front of the store and loaded a cart full of items into it with someone else in the driver’s seat.

Video Taker: "Just stole all this stuff."
Shoplifter: "I paid for it."

Walmart said he didn't pay for anything.

Video security expert Cody VanCamp with Harmon Security Group, said “push outs” like the one in the video happen at stores every day.

"It's brazen. It's probably the boldest way to shoplift something. You're not really doing anything in secret," VanCamp said.

He said employees in the store are trained to see people acting skittish inside the store and catch someone from darting outside with stolen items.

"That's why all these stores have door greeters. The big reason they're there, to prevent, help deter that activity from happening," said VanCamp.

The shopper said he was waiting for his fiancée to check out when the man ran out to the parking lot.

"That's one of the simplest ways they can leave with it. It takes a little more guts to do it," VanCamp said.

Retail analysts say more than $35 million in goods are stolen from American stores every day.

VanCamp said, "It's a pretty common occurrence and it contributes to a lot of their losses."

The shopper who captured the video just wants this man caught and said he is on his way to fill out a statement to police.

We reached out to the Coweta Police Department to see where investigators were at finding the suspect, but have yet to hear back.

Walmart said it's working with the police department.