TAHLEQUAH, Oklahoma - The daughter and son-in-law of an elderly Tahlequah woman found dead in her Tahlequah home are speaking only tonight with News On 6.

Police say a medical examiners report shows Beverly Marshall died of multiple gunshot wounds and the man at the center of the investigation is also dead.

Marshall was 71-years-old. Her daughter, Kimberly Prince, said she was a loving mother who will be missed, but is still with her in spirit.

"She's wonderful. She's been my rock, she's helped me when I needed help. She's helped me get through all this with the investigation and making the arrangements, I've held on," Prince said.

She was just about to get out of school when she learned her mother died last Thursday in Tahlequah.

Police discovered Marshall dead last Thursday morning after a family friend called them to check on her.

"We headed up here just as soon as we could and it was hard walking up here, but I'm glad that Debbie found her because had it not been, we may never known," Prince said.

Chief Nate King said officers weren’t sure how Marshall died; police only found a small wound on her body. It was the medical examiner’s office that determined Marshall was killed by multiple gunshot wounds to the head and chest from a small caliber gun.

Investigators said leads pointed them to Marshall's ex-boyfriend.

"He was a person and of interest, but there were other persons of interest listed when we were interviewing family members and friends," King said.

Marshall’s ex was found dead by Cherokee County Deputies just a day after police discovered her body.

"We kind of been put in a tough spot in this one because there's one aspect in this case it's hard to collect, facts, because we can't get that side of the story," said King.

He said his investigators have not closed the case.

Marshall's son in law, Chris Prince, said she treated him like a mother.

"She was a very good friend. I could talk to her about anything. When we had problems we could to talk to her, she's a wonderful lady. I still can't believe this has happened," he said.

Marshall's funeral will be held later this week. 

The family has set up a Go Fund Me account to help with expenses in Marshall's death. Learn more and contribute.