TULSA, Oklahoma - Green Country kids head back to class in just a couple of weeks, and incoming Union sixth and seventh graders are looking at big changes as they transition from elementary school.

Thursday's orientation was about getting those sixth graders who graduated last spring from the 13 elementary schools across the district all under one roof.

It was an orientation where students learned where their classes will be and what some of the new buildings are across campus.

Students and parents also toured the areas where the buses pick up and drop off.

The sixth graders learned how the bell schedule works, saw the library, and toured the new band rooms, classrooms and fine arts wing.

Union's Sixth Grade Principal, Steve Pittman, said Thursday was a great day for kids to get acclimated to being in the building.

“We knew kids were shell shocked when they first come here, so big, so we wanted to minimize that and so ten summers ago we started," Pittman said.

School starts August 20th.