TULSA, Oklahoma - One of Oklahoma's Own executing her plan to do something for others, and all she needed to get started was a crochet hook and some yarn.

"I'm pretty sure this is my brother's favorite 'cause it's camo," said ten-year-old Briley Turnham.

Briley was showing off some of the blankets she's already crocheted for a project she came up with on a chilly night back in April.

"I felt bad for all the needy people who were cold outside and didn't have shelter," she said.

Maybe they need a blanket, she thought. Then she thought she could make them if her mom would teach her how to crochet.

"I learned specifically for this, and I started a couple of months ago," she said.

Since then, she's been crocheting away.

"To make a full blanket you have to have five balls of yarn," Briley said.

She said hopes to have maybe 20 completed by winter.

She changes colors after two rows; that’s how she gets the colorful blankets. She's still learning the zig-zag pattern so her mom helps with that, but otherwise this is her project.

She's got a couple of weeks until school starts, after that she'll be a part time crocheter between homework assignments.

Briley plans to continue to crochet blankets until sometime in December.