TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police will have extra patrols out this weekend because of the sales tax free shopping.

Operation Safe Shopper will include bike officers patrolling parking lots in the 71st and Memorial area and reserve officers taking reports inside stores, as needed.

Plenty of officers will be out to protect your property, but if you're shopping with kids, it might be a good idea to snap a picture of them that morning, then if you get separated from them, you'll a picture of what they look like, and what they’re wearing.

Shopping can be hectic, looking for the right sizes and getting the best deals; it's easy to become distracted.

Nobody wants to work hard for their money only to lose it or your purchases to thieves, so you’re better off not carrying a lot of cash, but if you do, stuff it down in your front pocket to keep it safe.

You also shouldn’t leave anything visible in your car or think your purse is safe stuffed under the seat.

Another good idea to avoid attention from thieves is to bring your packages out a few at a time, not all at once, and put them in the trunk.

"Some people bring out a lot of packages at once and that's a red flag for people looking to break into your car," said Corporal Brian Collum with Tulsa Police.

Police say having all the extra officers out should cut down on purse snatchings and car break-ins, but, they can't be everywhere.

They’re counting on citizens to help them watch for suspicious people and activities.

"Last year we had a woman come up and say a guy was getting out of his car and dropped a gun, so that turned into a big deal, so this has been very successful," Collum said.

Whether you're in the store, or the parking lot, don't get tunnel vision. Look around and be leery of anyone asking you, seemingly innocent questions, they might be trying to distract you for their partner in crime.

Once your shopping is done and you have all your packages and belongings, don't forget some criminals will follow you home to steal your stuff. Be sure to look in your rearview mirror to make sure you aren't being followed.