CATOOSA, Oklahoma - Catoosa Police are looking for a man who kicked in the front door of a home last weekend holding a knife and demanding money. They urge residents to be extra vigilant as they work to find the man responsible.

"This guy - if he put a knife to somebody's throat, he will do something and hurt somebody, and we need him off the street," said Chief Kevin McKim.

It happened at 9:30 p.m. on August 2, 2014.

Kim Wills said she woke up to her grandmother screaming her name. She'd just fallen asleep on the couch when she woke up to a man standing in her kitchen with his face covered - waiving a knife.

"He just kept telling me give me all your money and jewelry, and he kept shoving me towards the kitchen and told us to stick together," Kim said.

Kim's grandmother told the man she was about to pass out, and he left her in the kitchen, jerking Kim around to her car - out the back door.

The man smashed out the window of her car with a brick of concrete and stole her purse. Then he left in his truck.

Police said the victim told them the man had been at the home a few days before, asking to borrow a knife to cut some straps hanging from his truck.

The victim became suspicious and took a photo of the truck, a white Chevy quad cab C3500 flatbed truck. Officers said the truck had Oklahoma tag 454JNG and was stolen out of Broken Arrow.

The victim described the man as white, bald with a muscular build, wearing camouflage shorts and a white T-shirt.

Catoosa Police ask you to call 918-266-0854 or your local law enforcement agency if you see the truck. Chief McKim told residents not to answer their door if they don't recognize the person knocking.

"Call 911," he said. "That is what they pay us to do, and we will interview the individual and make sure it's legit."