MAYES COUNTY, Oklahoma - A woman witnessed the heartbreaking drowning of a little girl at a popular Green Country swimming spot. It happened Monday afternoon at Blue Hole Park located east of Salina.

The girl died despite desperate efforts to save her life.

No one heard cries for help or saw any signs of someone struggling, so by the time she was found, it was too late.

Erin Blevins keeps reliving the tragic death of a nine year old girl, who drowned at Blue Hole, over and over again in her mind.

"Absolutely without a doubt the most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen in my life. ever," said Erin Blevins, Blue Hole visitor.

Blevins was enjoying the day with her sister and her young niece and nephew. As they got ready to leave, a woman on an air mattress saw the girl at the bottom of about six feet of water and carried her to shore.

"Everybody was praying. We were praying, praying, praying," Blevins said.

As one person did chest compressions and another breathed into the girl, Blevins held her lifeless little hand until emergency crews arrived.

"Her little hand was so tender and precious. And I was patting the bottom of her foot to try to arouse an emotion," said Erin Blevins, who witnessed a drowning death Monday.

Blue Hole has signs saying "no lifeguard is on duty," and since there are typically so many people are there, and the water is shallow and clear, drownings are rare.

Since the creek that feeds into blue hole is part of GRDA's system, GRDA police are investigating. They say the drowning is a terrible accident.

One Blevins can't get out of her mind no matter how hard she tries.

"Watching her chest rise with hopeful life, that didn't come. - silence," she said.

Blevins says the drowning of the little girl reinforces how important it is to constantly talk about water safety especially to children.