OWASSO, Oklahoma - A young man who refused to take "no" for an answer learned that a dream can come true if you work hard enough.

Jake Huff is heading off to college, following his dream to be the punter on his college football team. The thing is - he taught himself to punt.

Huff worked really hard at it and is good enough to get a scholarship, even though he never punted in high school.

"I really didn't know how to punt, so I learned from YouTube," Huff said. "After four months I got pretty good at it."

If you truly want to get proficient at something you have to practice - .a lot.

"I'd try to do 80 to 100 punts a day," Huff said.

He went to a Ray Guy Punting Camp in Houston where for the first time, he got some professional instruction.

"I went to a national top prospect competition in Nashville, Tennessee," he said.

Armed with the video from that, the statistics he'd compiled and his dream to be a college football punter, he began sending emails and videos to area colleges. Several showed interested, and he finally has a scholarship at Bethany College in Kansas.

"It's a half scholarship, and they said it could easily go up - so I expect it to go up," said Jake Huff, who taught himself to punt.

I expect if Jake says it's going up, it'll go up.