Notice the first map on the right, courtesy of the OK Mesonet, which shows the max/min temperatures across the state for today. Hot, yes; but those numbers are still below normal both with respect to the morning lows as well as the afternoon highs. In fact, temperatures have been struggling so far for the month of August to get much above the 90 degree mark. Keep in mind that 94 is the normal high at this time of year.

For the rest of the week and right on through the weekend, all indications now suggest that temperatures will be closer to their normal range which means our nights will also be getting a little warmer. Light southerly breezes will bring a little more moisture our way holding our nighttime temperatures up a few more degrees and making the afternoon hours a little more uncomfortable with respect to the heat/humidity combination. All in all, still not doing too badly though as the dew point temperature will likely reach the upper 60s and may touch 70 from time to time. By comparison, the dew point has been in the low-mid 60s for the last few days. It is when the dew point gets into the 70s that the discomfort level really cranks up.

Some subtle changes in the wind pattern aloft will also allow for some showers/storms to brush by the state over the next several days and right on into the weekend for that matter. The more northern counties will have the best chance, but even there any rain will be on a widely scattered basis at best. At least a few more clouds in the sky and the possibility of a few cooling showers/storms will combine to keep temperatures near normal and no triple digits are foreseen anytime soon.

A weak frontal boundary to our north will be slowly sagging southward through the week and into the weekend helping to provide a focus for at least a few showers/storms which is why the more northern counties will have a little better chance of rain than elsewhere. This boundary may make it through the area along about Monday according to some of the longer range guidance such as the ECMWF. With that in mind, have dropped temperatures a few degrees to start next week.

In fact, notice the 8-14 day outlook maps on the right which would include the rest of next week. There remains a signal suggesting a good possibility that we will have temperatures somewhat below normal for that time period which if it verifies would also delay the potential for any more triple digit heat anytime soon. The precipitation signal is also suggesting an above normal chance of showers/storms during that week. Neither of these products make any projections regarding how cool or how wet it may actually be; just that the trends favor temperatures averaging below normal during that week and a better than average chance of rain.

Don't know about you, but am hoping that verifies. In the meantime, stay tuned and check back for updates.

Dick Faurot