TULSA, Oklahoma - Family and friends gatherer to remember Jeremy Lake, as one of the Tulsa Police officers connected to his shooting death bonds out of jail.

On Thursday night, a group that the 19-year-old Lake helped support returned the favor with his family.

Every Thursday night a homeless outreach ministry called Night Light meets under a bridge just a few yards from where Lake was shot Tuesday night. This Thursday, they reflected on his life.

A solemn procession of people with flowers walked a block to lay flowers on Lake's family's front porch.

There were more than a hundred people there, some family, but mostly friends in the homeless community that gathers every Thursday.

They brought single flowers, and large bouquets of roses, to mark what's become a memorial for Lake in his front yard.

His heartbroken family seemed astonished by the outpouring of sympathy.

“We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts,” said Lake’s aunt, Pam Songbird.

The family is still struggling with what happened and making plans for his funeral, but for now they say they're finding comfort in the realization that he had so many friends.

Lake’s father, Carl Morse, said, "I just really appreciate that somebody was thinking of him for a change, and his death won't be in vain and he won't be some simple sack that people don't care about."

The homeless ministry, Night Light, serves 2 to 300 people every Thursday. The group’s founders said as soon as they started helping, Lake stepped in to help them.

"We'll remember what we knew of him and what we loved about him, and that's what we're going to do here," said Sarah Grounds with Night Light.

Lake helped out with the group and at the Day Center for the Homeless, that's how he knew so many homeless people.

"He was a special kid, he walked around, everybody liked him, nobody didn't like him," said Lake’s friend, Anna May Duncan.

The group is raising money for a funeral, bringing food to the family and doing what they can to support them. They'll also continue their Thursday night outreach under the bridge.

Lake and Lisa Kepler were walking west of downtown about 9 p.m. on Tuesday when Lisa says her father, a Tulsa police officer, pulled up in his SUV and shot Lake dead at close range.

Shannon Kepler, a 24-year TPD veteran is now behind bars on a first-degree murder complaint.

His wife, Gina, also a TPD officer, was jailed as an accessory to murder because investigators say she didn't assist in the search for her husband after he reportedly killed Lake.

Shannon Kepler is being held without bond, as is practice for first-degree murder suspects.

Gina Kepler's bond was reduced to $25,000 late Thursday afternoon. Her bond was posted and she was released Thursday evening.