TULSA, Oklahoma - Last week QuikTrip offered customers a free taste test of some of its new menu items, including a bacon milkshake.

QuikTrip has all the standard bacon stuff, like bacon on sandwiches, flatbreads and breakfast, and now for a while, bacon in the milkshake.

"Your initial reaction is there is no way this is gonna taste good," said Mike Thornbrugh.

That was my initial reaction, but I decided to order one. You can even decide to add some whipped cream or a cherry on top.

It starts off pretty standard with milk ice cream, but it goes off the rails with some healthy squirts of maple syrup and real bacon added into a high speed blender.

To my surprise, it’s pretty good. It’s got a lot of maple flavor and tiny bits of bacon throughout, something that you might find at the fair.

Having the kitchens in the stores gives QuikTrip the opportunity to make food fresh, and to have fun with something like a bacon milkshake.