COWETA, Oklahoma - Thieves brought a young entrepreneur to tears by stealing everything she needs for her dream job. They took the 19-year-old's lawn mowing equipment, leaving her still making payments and her livelihood on hold.

The tire tracks in the front yard at her Coweta home are the only sign left of Jody Bowers' budding mowing business.

She says she could be happy mowing every day for the rest of her life, but the thieves took everything, except a really old 20-inch push mower.

"This is all I have left," said Jody Bowers, theft victim.

The 19 year old was so excited to go into business a month ago, and so dejected when $20,000 worth of professional equipment was stolen in the middle of the night.

"I can't believe that somebody would do that to somebody willing to work," she said. "They are so low, that they would come and steal from somebody who actually wants to earn their own living."

Thieves took her pickup with the trailer attached and loaded with three mowers, and other equipment.

Bowers, pickup which has steering column damage, was found abandoned about four miles away on 225th Street South. Thieves had switched the trailer to another truck.

"When I found my truck I was shaking to the point of almost throwing up, because it made me sick to my stomach," said Jody Bowers, theft victim.

Glen Adams heard the trucks making noise at about 3 a.m. and woke up to find the thieves in his circle drive.

"I didn't go want to go out there and get in a mess of something, so I went and got my damn shotgun and come out, and by then they had done taken off," he said.

The thieves took everything Bowers has worked so hard from sunup to sundown to get.

It's sickening you know. You can't trust anybody anymore," Glen Adams said. "If you've got anything you need to keep it tied to your foot, so if they jerk on a rope, you know they're there, you know."

"Hopefully the thieves will be stupid enough to either try to use the equipment or try to pawn it off on somebody," Jody said.

Adams says the thieves left in a white pickup, but it was too dark to see what model. Bowers' trailer is gray with a drop gate and side and front cages for equipment.

The commercial mowers are a Toro Zero Turn riding mower and two Toro push mowers.

Anyone who knows information that could help find the equipment is urged to call Coweta Police at 918-486-2121.