TULSA, Oklahoma - The funeral of a young Tulsa man shot to death comes as charges are still pending against the off duty police officer arrested for killing him.

Jeremey Lake died on the street he lived on, and it was there that he met a lot of friends, especially the homeless.

Wednesday, about 100 people gathered inside a north Tulsa church to memorialize the 19-year-old Tulsan, but they said it won't be the last time they get together.

The sanctuary at a small church was filled with mourners for the funeral. It's been a week since the shooting and for many of Lake's friends and family, the grief was overflowing.

"Jeremey was loved by many, many, people,” one man said.

The pastor's message was about salvation and forgiveness and it has taken hold with Lake's family who, while asking for justice, are also offering forgiveness.

“No attorney, no amount of money could get hims out of trouble, he will pay,” said Lake’s aunt, Pam Wilkins.

Lake’s father, Carl Morse, spoke to the extended family after the funeral was over.

“I have to forgive this guy who did this to my son, I can't do it overnight, but I have to forgive him,” he said.

Lake was was killed on Aug. 5 as he was walking in a neighborhood with his girlfriend of one week, Lisa Kepler. Lisa Kepler says her father, Shannon Kepler, drove up in his SUV while he was off-duty and shot Lake dead. Lisa did not attend Wednesday's funeral.

"I wish she had been here, but I don't know what her deal is,” Morse said.

While they continue to mourn, his family hopes to keep his memory alive by fighting for victim's rights as they fight for their own justice.

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Shannon Kepler has been jailed without bond for first-degree murder in the fatal shooting. His wife, Gina Kepler, was arrested for accessory to murder after police say she failed to help them find her husband after the murder. She was released after $25,000 bond was posted.

The GMC Suburban used in the crime was found on Friday at an East Tulsa Motel 6, according to Tulsa police.

Prosecutors have not filed formal charges in the case.

A vigil was held for Lake last week at the homeless shelter where he sometimes worked. Lake met Lisa Kepler at the Day Center for the Homeless after she reportedly was kicked out of her parents' house.

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Lake's family is trying to stay positive in remembering him.

Morse said, "The people who said, ‘oh, I just met your son once, and he meant the world to me,’ that's what I want people to keep in their hearts."

The family is organizing a rally; they're calling it a Justice for Jeremey Rally this Friday in front of their house at 3:00.

They want it to be peaceful and respectful, but they also want to make sure people don't forget.