FOYIL, Oklahoma - A repeat convicted sex offender was arrested Thursday for living too close to a daycare and school. He bonded out of jail that same day.

Rogers County deputies arrested Jimmy Weeks at the exact same house just four months ago and they also arrested him at that same house in 2008, so they said he knows he's not supposed to be there.

Records show Weeks has been in and out of prison for molesting children.

"I think it's great. I think the children around here are a lot safer,” said Julie.

That was her response when she heard Rogers County deputies arrested Weeks from the house. 'Julie works in the area, and said she sees Weeks all the time in the house, with the daycare right behind it and the Foyil schools right across the street, but she is also his niece and knows his history well.

"I drive through here and I've seen him looking at children, it's just awful,” she said.

Records show Weeks first went to prison in 1986; he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for lewd molestation, but, got out in 16. He was then sent back in 2000 for lewd molestation and was sentenced to 12 years but got out in six.

In 2007 and 2008, he went back to prison for failing to register and living too close to a school, involving the same house. That time he was sentenced to three and a half years, but, got out in 16 months.

Deputies arrested Weeks in April for hanging out at the same house near the daycare and now again in August; both those cases are pending.

Deputy Adam Hall, Rogers County Sheriff's Office, "He doesn't care. He doesn't have any concern for the law. He's been warned. He's been put in jail for it, so it's not like he doesn't know."

The owner of the house near the daycare and school said Weeks is not living there, just working for the owner, but, deputies said Weeks keeps his medication there and said witnesses report seeing him there day and night.

An affidavit says one man told deputies Weeks is "always following around a five-year-old boy and buying him gifts."

Julie, for one, hopes the most recent arrest sticks.

"I think he needs to stay in prison the rest of his natural life because he is not going to stop,” she said.

The man that owns the home where Weeks is registered said Weeks gets his mail there and lives there in an old camper in the yard.

An affidavit says the camper has no running water or electricity and has a hole in the roof.

When asked how many nights Weeks has stayed at the home in the past 30 days, the owner said he wasn't sure, but maybe six.